Yıldız Shotgun factory, in Burdur industrial zone, has been producing in 22.000 square meters open area and 14.000 square meters in close area. Its yearly production capacity is 60.000 pcs hunting and sporting shotguns. With its product variety, it has been producing hunting and sporting shotguns with its 45 years experience in its modern production facility according to customers' expectation and World standards.

We spent a tremendous effort to make ''Yıldız Silah'' brand a real world star according to customers' and market's demand. We are determined to play an active role for our location's future with our products ,which adds value to life, and our ongoing investments. In addition to our updated current models, we are proud to present our new Yıldız Pro model, which we have achieved to produce by pushing our limits, to exclusive hunters, professional shooters and collectors' taste. We believe that this model will determine lux category for end users in terms of price and quality relation.

We are proud and excited to present our updated website that we have prepared in the aspect of ''always best and always forward''. Our customers, suppliers and workers know that we always say what we believe and stand behind our commitments. This reliance and righteousness environment give us the power that we need and they all form our aim and principles.

Always make the right thing, I see the positive influence of this principle to our work life and I believe that our performance in the future can be ensured in this aspect. I especially want to thank our customers, all of our suppliers and workers for their support.